The manufacturing industry is certainly the economic backbone of any country. The growth rate of country’s GDP highly depends on this sector, and it gives the immense boost to the economy. If we talk about Indian manufacturing sector, it has emerged out as the fastest growing sectors among all.

Look at some below mentioned interesting stats related to Indian economy:

1. Indian manufacturing industry is about to become the fifth largest manufacturing country of the world by the end of 2020.

2. Indian manufacturing industry has the potential to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2025.

3. The manufacturing sector of India is expected to create upto 90 million jobs by 2025.

4. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in India’s manufacturing sector grows at the rate of 82% and currently stands at US$ 16.13 billion.

5. India has now become one of the most attractive manufacturing destinations around the world.

Just like the other sectors, manufacturing industry also needs marketing and promotion for the further growth.

Therefore, SMS services are currently the best way to promote this sector among the masses. Today, mobile phone is within reach of every individual and also the open and read rate SMS is quite high at 95%.


So, manufacturers could adopt this method for the better financial results. You will clearly understand the importance of SMS with its benefits in the manufacturing industry.

1. With the help of SMS, manufacturers can reach to greater number of audience. With just a simple text message, they can communicate with the customers and convey them about the latest offers and discounts.

2. SMS helps in keeping track on human resource management. It can help in monitoring their employees from various locations.

3. SMS services can highly beneficial in automatic billing, payments and collections details.

4. It can also be used for the internal communication regarding the delivery of products, dispatch, order and its confirmation.

There are a number of ways you can use SMS in the manufacturing industry to grab some serious attention in the arena where your competitors might not even playing at yet!

8 Ways How To Use SMS For Manufacturing Industry

1. Product Launches

What does a manufacturing industry do? It “manufactures” products. Well, so getting around new products now and then isn’t that hard.

What better a way to let your current customers know about the latest product launch than an SMS right to their inboxes?

In fact it’s a strategy that’s being used for quite some time now, almost every company out there which uses SMS marketing even remotely makes use of “product launch” SMS(s).

2. Communication Problems

In this specific industry, it’s not hard for certain batches, or even individual products to go wrong.
That’s a total possibility. But then it becomes almost impossible for you to track your customer down and let them know that the batch defects.

There is no better sense of trust for a consumer than an SMS from the company, letting them know that the certain product isn’t in the right conditions. (Obviously, you’d have to get them a replacement, but the ROI on this kind of action will just skyrocket your brand, and that’s for sure!)

3. Coupons

Manufacturing products? Meaning you definitely will have to sell them, right? And nothing attracts customers better than discount or any other type of “coupon” codes.

They might not be checking their Emails everyday, but who would ignore a “50% off discount coupon” lying in their inboxes waiting for them!

You can use various kinds of coupons, a discount voucher, a “conditioned” coupon (buy 2 get 1 free), or a futuristic coupon which offers discounts not on the next purchase, but on the purchase after that.

This ensures 2 sales for you, the first to get the coupon, and the second to use that coupon.

4. Extra Purchases

A person who bought your product A, might also be interested in product B, they might just not know it yet! So a simple SMS letting them know that you’ve got another product to accompany your earlier product is one of the best ways to boost your sales.

For e.g.,. a certain kind of cereal might taste best with a certain kind of milk, butter or anything else. You can even combine Airplanes to specific wings if you wish to, there’s no specific pattern or combination.

5. Dispatch Status Of An Order

Your products need to be delivered to individuals or organizations, and it’s not necessary for the order to be “online.

But the ease and sophistication of online purchases can be offered by you even on your offline sales if you just keep your customers updated about the status of the order.

A simple SMS is saying “Your Order no. XXXXX has been dispatched and will be delivered by xx/xx/xxx.

This keeps them informed, and the next time they buy something, your brand would pop up in their minds and not others because you’re offering something your competitors aren’t.

6. Billing Invoices

Once a purchase is made, sending an SMS to your clients with an invoice helps keep things simple. It’s one of the best professional gestures you can make using Bulk SMS in the manufacturing industry.

Even though it doesn’t make a “life-changing” impact on your clients, it’s just a marketing strategy that makes you stand apart from the crowd, and hence

7. Sale Notifications

It doesn’t matter what you manufacture, there always be a client-base who is willing to buy the product. And “Sale days” are universally known to skyrocket your sales.

Sending an SMS which let’s them know when the next sale is can do the trick. Or you can send an “instant sale” SMS, something like “We’re offering product A on an 80% discounted price, but only for the next 24 hours!”

8. Future Product Notifications

A product which might not be launched yet, but will possibly be short can be acquainted with your customers through SMS as well.

It’s a great strategy because when the product get’s out, people won’t be staring at a stranger. Instead, they’ll have a basic idea of what it is already! (That’s the idea behind launch movie trailers!)


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So let me know if I missed couple points or if there’s something else you’d like me to include. Also, the comment box is all yours if you wish to leave your feedback on this piece.

Final words? Just let your creativity do its work, there’s almost nothing that can go wrong if you play around a bit with other types of promotional SMS as well.