E-mail marketing doesn’t work anymore, so what does? Heard of Bulk SMS Marketing Services? I bet you have; I’m even sure you’ve received a couple of those promotional texts yourselves as well haven’t you?

So the one thing that’s clear is Bulk SMS marketing is skyrocketing, so that’s what this piece is about. In this piece, I’ll be elaborating on what is Bulk SMS Service and How to leverage it to grow your Business.

What is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS service is exactly what the literal meaning of the phrase translates to. Bulk= A large number of SMS Service.
Basically “SMS Credits” can be purchased in large quantities, and when done so, they’re considerably cheaper compared to your individual SMS plans.

Also, the BULK SMS Services allow you to have a custom Sender’s ID, for e.g. BM-YOURBRAND. This obviously goes towards branding your company, platform and creates a sense of professionalism.

Research has indicated that both the “Open” as well as “conversion” rates for SMS (s) are significantly better than E-mails. And the best part is, most SMS(s) are opened and read within the initial 3 minutes of delivery!

Why does it work?

  • No Filters: -There aren’t any “spam” filters on cell phone texts (at least for now). Hence whatever you send gets directly deployed to the customer’s primary Inbox.
  • Good Open Rates: – People don’t hesitate to tap on the “1 new inbox message’ box, at least the reluctance is much less compared to E-mails.
  • Less Complications: – You don’t have to worry about your logo, color scheme or fonts with Bulk SMS Services, it’s all plain and simple.
  • Less Competition: – As of now, there aren’t a lot of companies, brands or products using Bulk SMS services. Surely the number goes up in millions probably, but it’s still much lower compared to E-mail marketing, so the competition gap is something you can leverage.

How can you Promote your Business Through It?

There are a number of ways you can promote your Business via Bulk SMS Marketing, at the end of the day it all comes down to writing stuff that pulls people in, simple as that.

Leverage Personal Information

Leveraging and gathering personal information can go a long way. For eg. if you can group your SMS list into sub-lists, based on birthdays, anniversaries or anything of that kind.

And then you can send something like “Happy Birthday Mr. X.” followed by whatever you’re trying to pitch. Something tells me it’ll have a lot more effect than sending just any other “Hi please buy our product” text, simply because there will be a much stronger bond between you and the customer.

To the Point Texts

Considering SMS(s) are short, you can and should use that to your benefit. The best way is to send an SMS that cuts the bullshit and explains exactly why it’s in the inbox of someone.

“Hi from Eshop, here’s your 50% off coupon as a gift for shopping with us last week”! See? People know who it’s from, and why it’s there. Even if they don’t convert instantly, you atleast won’t go to the spam box and can approach them later.

Give-Away Coupons

Who says “no” to coupons? There’s just no better way to convert a lead into a sale than giving them a discount coupon, or basically a coupon of any kind.

It’s general psychology that people won’t buy a product for $100, but they’ll buy it if its $200 $100 (50% discount!). Why not leverage that?

Personalize the Messages

Once a customer feels a certain kind of special treatment is being given only to him/her, the chances of them converting go through the roof.

So a great way to convert them is to send “personalized messages.” For, e.g. if you send something like “Hey Mr. X, here’s your discount coupon specially and valid only for you for being a loyal customer to us”, well that does charm most often than not.


Another way to use BULK SMS services for your brand promotion is to use it as “reminder” for various purposes. You can send them a reminder if you’re about to launch a new product, a sale is going live or basically anything in general.

A reminder keeps them in the loop, as well as gets you a new chance to make sure they get pulled in.

Wrapping it Up

So basically that was what Bulk SMS Marketing service is, and some points from the vast ocean of possibilities of how you can use it to promote your business through it.

And being honest, it’s not something that will last eternally, but right now Bulk SMS Marketing is ripe, and you can leverage it when you can, because right now it probably has the best conversion as well as open rates, something you can’t expect from E-mails, or any other “bulk marketing” platform apart from SMS anymore.