Now deliver medical services uninterruptedly and quickly with bulk SMS service of MSGWOW. Make patients feel their health and wellness is your top priority.

Update your customers about appointments, send detailed medical reports, reminders to suppliers and vendors about drugs, alerts about the conference, meetings, and seminars to doctors, patient scan images and treatment sheets to a mobile phone via bulk SMS service of MSGWOW.
You will be able to integrate your hospital website, software or CRM with our SMS APIs and send automated booking alerts and reminders to patients. Issue scannable digital medical passes to hospital visitors and also loyalty vouchers that can only be redeemed at select chemists.

Use of bulk sms services for healthcare

  • Send reminders to your patients about appointments

  • Send alerts for timely vaccination of children to parents

  • Alerts on change of appointment date

  • Update about the latest drugs to cure fatal diseases

  • Sent diet and health tips to your patients who require special diet

  • Send results of urgent diagnostic test

  • For free health camps

  • Schedule your updates

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