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Bulk SMS is just budding out of its petals, it has a much more effective influence on your receivers, and most people open their SMS within the initial 3 seconds of receiving them!

There are a number of ways to make the payment to MSGWOW:

  • You can ask MSGWOW team to create payment link for you.
  • You can make payment via PayTm number: 8284936817.
  • You can also do the direct transfer to HDFC Bank Account.
  • You can also buy directly SMS from MSGWOW Panel.

How to Buy SMS directly from MSGWOW Panel

1.Open the website https://msgwow.com

2.Click on Sign button




  1. Enter the username and password and click on Sign In

  1. Click on Buy Credits

  1. Click on Proceed

  1. Select the SMS Type, enter the detail and click on Next

(Note: Minimum SMS credits you have to buy 2500)


  1. Type the asked detail and click on Next

(Note: Enter only registered mobile number with 91 else you will get the error message)

  1. Select the Instamozo method and click on Make Payment

9. Choose the method and complete the payment process

10.Thus, you are able to complete the Payment and SMS will credit instantly in your account.

Reload your account and check the SMS credits successfully added. If not, contact to MSGWOW Team at hello@msgwow.com or chat.

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