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What are the error codes, and what does it mean?


Missing parameters:

Error code Description
101 Missing mobile no.
102 Missing message
103 Missing sender ID
105 Missing password
106 Missing Authentication Key
107 Missing Route


Invalid parameters:

Error code Description
202 Invalid mobile number. You must have entered either less than 10 digits or there is an alphabetic character in the mobile number field in API.
203 Invalid sender ID. Your sender ID must be 6 characters, alphabetic.
207 Invalid authentication key. Crosscheck your authentication key from your account’s API section.
208 IP is blacklisted. We are getting SMS submission requests other than your whitelisted IP list.


Error codes:

Error code Description
301 Insufficient balance to send SMS
302 Expired user account. You need to contact your account manager.
303 Banned user account
306 This route is currently unavailable. You can send SMS from this route only between 9 AM – 9 PM.
307 Incorrect scheduled time
308 Campaign name cannot be greater than 32 characters
309 Selected group(s) does not belong to you
310 SMS is too long. System paused this request automatically.
311 Request discarded because same request was generated twice within 10 seconds
Updated on March 16, 2020

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