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What is Bulk SMS and the cost?

Bulk SMS is basically a platform through which you can easily send thousands of messages at a time on random mobile numbers by just a simple.

It is used for service renewal reminders, offers & discounts, event reminders, festival wishes, and important alerts, etc.

MSGWOW provide the flat price on SMS with any number of SMS.

Buy 1 lakh Promotional SMS just at 7Paise/SMS.

Buy 1lakh Transactional SMS just at 11Paise/SMS.

Common Packages of Bulk SMS

Promotional Transactional
1.  10,000 SMS at Rs.800 1.  10,000 SMS at Rs.1200
2.  50,000 SMS at Rs.4000 2.   50,000 SMS at Rs.6000
3.  1lakh SMS at Rs.7000 3.  1lakh SMS at Rs.11,000
4.  2lakh SMS at Rs.14000 4.  2lakh SMS at Rs.22,000

Note: 18% GST will applied on every products.

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