Bulk SMS Services for Media & Entertainment

Enhance reach and prep up your audience to build enthusiasm with MSGWOW’s award-winning business SMS platform. Send media-rich bulk SMS promotions and easily receive SMS feedback via our long codes and shortcodes.

Add another channel of marketing influence and audience participation with MSGWOW bulk SMS services. Build your subscription base with attractive flyers, images, brochures, and route maps sent via SMS marketing campaigns. Easily run opinion polls and contests, and garner votes for game and reality shows using our long codes and shortcodes. Send event invites, gather feedback and conduct much more such activities.

Use of bulk sms services for media & entertainment

Promote your programmes

Promote about latest events, movies, Breaking news to all subscribers

Launch opinion polls or voting to get public feedback

Analyze the response of a certain program or event by user interaction

Increase sales through promotions

Facilitate your customers to fetch desired information via SMS

SMS based consumer survey

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