Media and Entertainment industry has become one of the widespread industries across the globe. It mainly includes Movies, Television, Radio, Music, Theatres, Art, Cinema, Games and much more. In India, media and entertainment industry have registered a massive growth in the past two decades and come out as among the fastest growing industries in India.


Quick Statistical Facts About Media And Entertainment Industry

1. Indian media and entertainment industries is currently valued at over US $ 17.4bn which is around 1 percent of the global M&E industry (US$ 1.8tn).

2. The expected growth rate of Indian M&E industry (14.3%) after 5 years is even more than the global M&E industry (5.1%).

3. Indian film industry is largest movies producer in the world with over 1500 films have been produced annually and around 3.25 billion tickets sell every year.

4. In 2014, India overtook US to become the 2nd largest TV owning market in the entire world with approximately 800 satellite television channels.

5. After getting these mind boggling revenues, Indian government increase the limit of Foreign Direct Investment from 74% to 100%.

Although, at present, there are number of ways of promotion like print and digital advertisements, social media promotions, banners, posters etc. but among all, the highly effective and efficient form of promotion is messaging services. This is surely the best way to target masses at the same time, due to which media and entertainment clients can save the valuable time and cost while promoting their brand.


15 ways To Leverage SMS For Media and Entertainment Industry

Today, media and entertainment industry ultimately makes their eyes on internet and digitalization ways to promote their work make possible to serve the audience in best possible ways. However, this industry majorly revolves around creativity and new ideas but promotions via correct channel are also very necessary. At present, almost every individual owns a mobile phone, so SMS services are among effective modes of promotion in entertainment and media industry.

Below we are mentioning the best possible ways to use SMS services to attract masses

1. Promotion of Programs

You can send SMSs to your audiences regarding the dates and timing of their favorite shows. Everyone, at present busy with their tight working schedule, so it is very difficult for them to get updated about their favorite programs. Your one SMS will work as a reminder for them.

2. Giving Discount offers

You can send promotional SMS including discounts and regularly offers to attract more audience. For example, for moviegoers, your SMS should include ‘buy one movie ticket and get one ticket free.’

3. Informative SMS’s

You have to keep your customers about the latest information or changes in your companies through SMS. For example some new services, new offers, new inductions, opportunities, etc. This will help you in grow loyalty base with the customers.

4. Customer Service SMS’s

With the help of SMS, you can also resolve any issues or requests from the customers like sending movie shows schedule with each and every detail or SMSs related to the venue details of a live concert.

5. Exciting Vouchers SMS’s

You can increase your sales by encouraging your target audience by sending exclusive vouchers directly send to their mobiles via SMS.

6. End Minute Ticket Sales

If you have some empty seats left in your multiplex or concert, you can quickly filled the same with instant text message including the quick offer.

7. SMS Surveys

Anytime, you have this best method of organizing SMS surveys to know whether customers like your venture or not. The chances are high that you will get instant feedback with better outcomes.

8. Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you have an entertainment website, you can send a promotional SMS to the target audience giving a link to your site.Always use short links to attract clickers and wait for some time to see the effectiveness of the campaigns.

9. Increase Audience Involvement By Sending Short Codes

If you have your FM or TV channel game shows or any kind of reality shows, don’t wait audience to call for their valuable votes. Allow them to pick winners by inducing them to SMS to a short code send by you to them. You can also run the opinion polls in the same way.

10. Manage DTH Subscriptions Through SMS Tracking

Every DTH customer is valuable for you, so you have to retain each of them by sending automated payment alerts, timely notifications about the new channels and renewal reminders. To create this methodology, you can integrate SMS APIs through software.

11. Event Ticketing Invites

Event or concerts has come a long way and these are getting tremendous response. Event ticketing has become easier now with SMS alerts. You can make and send ticket invites to the targeted people for your event with a SMS including venue details, date, time and other necessary details.

12. Enhance Online Readership

You can get quickest response to your online newspaper or magazine subscription by promoting through SMS which contain a direct download link of your online reading stuff.

13. Lucrative Event Promotions

When you know that your audience is just a SMS away, you can send the details regarding your event or play through various SMS attachments and will see the crowds getting into your event in big numbers.

14. Share Advertisement Agencies Docs Via SMS

If you are operating an ad agency, you surely needs to build faster connectivity with your targeted audience. You can send them SMS regarding your advertisement rate card, TRP ratings and media kits by using SMS attachments.

15. Inform Your Production Crew About the Changes

If you own a production house, you can update your crew members regarding the changes in the venue, shooting locations, casts by using SMS services.


These were some best and effective ways to attract a maximum number of the audience towards your media and entertainment industry. Try out some of these with best possible manner, and I am pretty sure that you will come outs with far more better results with effective strategies.