Real estate is one of the most growth-oriented globally recognized sectors in India at the moment. It is the second largest organized sector giving the maximum number of employment only after agriculture.


Quick statistical facts about the real estate industry

1. According to a stat, real estate industry about to achieve over 30 percent growth till the next decade.

2. Indian real estate market is expected to reach US$180 billion by 2020.

3. Real estate sector is alone contributing around 5 to 6 % to the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

4. The market size of real estate sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2 % from the period between 2008 – 2020.

5. The private equity investments is also increased nine-year high to Rs 40000 crore.

Although, in this technology pron era, we have a number of ways to connect to the audience to know all about your best real estate plans but most of the real estate agents readily use SMS services medium to promote their properties or sending valuable information related to property or housing projects.


Here you can see the benefits of SMS for Real Estate Industry

1. Today, when every single person owns a mobile phone, one can easily get all the relevant information about their dream home or property with just a click of a button.

2. Research already shows that around 98% of the text messages are read out by the people, which is highest than the all other mediums like emails, Tweets, and Facebook messages. So, you have maximum chances to get the buyers of your properties.

3. Comparatively, you can generate quite more leads with SMS services.

4. SMS services can save your time and money as this is the cheapest way to reach out a maximum number of targeted people.

5. You can update the information of your property or space or construction site to the customers anytime i.e. 24X7.

6. Chances are more that you will get the instant response from the customers as the demand for properties is always high.

7. You can also deliver the information which customer require via feedback SMS.

8. With SMS service, you can get the phone number of each probable customer.

9. You can get all forms of house hunters or property enthusiasts with SMS services.

10. Through the option of reply on the number, you can have high and efficient lead generation.

How To Get Maximum Leads for Real Estate Business Through SMS

1. First of all, if you want to more inquires from the potential leads, set up a SMS autoresponder campaign. Steps of creating SMS autoresponder campaign are as follows:

  • Make an SMS autoresponder campaign.
  • Choose a particular keyword for the sellings property and space like ‘Property A’.
  • Start shooting SMSs to the probable customers and induce them to reply ‘Property A’ to a particular number chosen by you for your SMS campaigns.
  • Right after people respond you at that number, a SMS comprises of all the details regarding the house or property to the customer such as number of bedrooms/hall/kitchens, facilities etc.
  • You can also flash a number with the SMS, so that if anyone, who is really interesting in the property can directly contact to you with a phone call.
  • One more thing you can add on with this campaign is email notifications. The benefit of this is that the moment you will get the reply from the customers, you will get an e-mail that includes their phone number. Now, you can directly contact to that person despite waiting for their reply.

2. You can send urgent alerts to the customers regarding their payment dues and other necessary information uninterruptedly within few seconds.

3. You can generate maximum leads by marketing short code details on print, television, and radio.

4. You can push customers to register to your website after filling the registration form through SMS.

5. You can also facilitate customers to receive their likes about the property details through SMS such as area, price per square fit, finance option, facilities, the distance of the property from the center of the city, availability, etc.

6. Real estate brokers and agents also use this SMS services by sending the details about the new property or office space to the customers.

7. You can also start an SMS campaign with the target customers about their feedback.

8. You always have this option to start an SMS alert service to those customers, who filled the registration form on your website to further update them.

9. Virtual Business Cards: Virtual business cards are also another effective way to promote your real estate services to the customers on their request. There is a very simple way to create your virtual business cards. Just like autoreminder campaign, you have to post a keyword such as Real Estate John which customers can message you to a given number.

Once, someone takes action with this keyword, they will receive a SMS from your side about the details like your name, phone number, email and any other identification related information.

10. Send SMS only to targeted audience: This is one of the smartest thing to do so. Sometimes, real estate agents send bulk text messages to those people, who are not interested in buying a property or they have some other requirement.

So, why not you make your SMS campaigns to a targeted segments? For instance, make a list of different categories like new buyers, existing ones and other related prospects. Now, send SMSs according to this list, so that chances to get maximum response would increase.


So, at the end of the day, we must understand that real estate industry is growing at a rapid speed and in the coming future, we will see many more huge investments and expansions. Therefore, SMS marketing is undoubtedly the most prestigious and fastest way to get the significant numbers of buyers at your doorstep. Hurry up! Grab the opportunity as soon as possible.