Travel and Tourism is one of the highly growth oriented sectors in India. It has come out as the biggest revenue-generating industry around the world for a couple of past few years. A big thanks to the huge numbers of domestic and International tourists, who travels around every corner of the country throughout the year to witness some iconic destinations.

With the likes of ‘Incredible India’ and ‘Athithi Devo Bhava,’ India is an attractive destination to travel, and this is the reason why tourism industry has boosted regarding economic growth and overall development of the society.

You will quickly understand the growth of touring industry through below mentioned stats

– The contribution of tourism to India’s GDP is around 7.5 %, and it is the third largest foreign exchange earner for the country.

– The overall contribution of travel and tourism to Indian GDP is expected to reach US$ 280.5 billion by 2025.

– The tourism and hospitality industry of India is among top 10 sectors in India to attract highest FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

– Travel industry had provided 23.5 million jobs in 2015. Over 8 % of Indian employees work in the tourism industry.

– Around 891000 tourists were arrived in India in 2016 as compared to 754000 in 2015.

India is expected to come to the top 5 business travel market across the world by 2030.

The above-mentioned states clearly signify that “tour and tourism industry of India” is one of the rapidly growing industries among all and if we pay some more attention in promoting this sector, then, it will surely reach towards the excellence.

At present scenario, SMS marketing seems to be the best way to promote this industry on all possible aspect. It helps in intimate the tourists about the quick details regarding their tour packages which include their departure and arrival dates, hotel details, foods, etc.

This is a proven fact that SMS is simply the perfect way to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and building loyalty. Today, the mobile phone is within the reach of every individual, so it is the best medium to reach masses in quick time.

The travel industry is one of the very few industries which needs prompt actions. Travelers want to seal the deal with immediacy as they plan their journey in advance. So, the company, who provide best services plus offers to them in a minimum period, they go towards them. So, SMS marketing helps them a lot in the making of new clients and also for retaining the existing ones.


Advantages of SMS marketing in Tour and Travel Industry

1. Confirmation Regarding Booking Reservation

Whenever any customer books a touring package from your company, it will make convenient for them to receive a booking confirmation message on their registered mobile number. Customer will also feel good after getting the reference number of their upcoming tour.

2. Notification About Delay

Sometimes customer’s journey gets delayed due to various reasons, and it is not ideal for you to individually inform them about this through telephonic conversation. So, to avoid any further mishappening, you can send them a text message regarding the delay to save the time and money.

3. Sending Special Offers/Discounts

Customers are always keen to look forward to the exciting offers and discounts in their booking of a tour. So, instead of printing paper, you can directly send them coupon codes and offers through SMS. It not only save your time and money but also it is an environment-friendly method.

4. Relationship Building

Relationship building with the customers is always a very crucial thing in any business to go longer. You can also do this with the help of SMS marketing by sending a text regarding the safe journey of the customers. They will recommend your service in future.


How You Can Use SMS Marketing in Travel Industry For Maximum Returns

1. Better Engagement Through SMS

E-ticket booking is very popular among the masses because it gives a high amount of comfort to the customers. If you give more opportunities to the customers to control and manage their journey then it will increase your engagements with them.

You can offer SMS alert regarding the departure time, selection of the location, flight delays, pickup destinations and much more.

2. Traveling Schedule

This is the first thing which all the customers prefer to receive first. Just after they done with the booking, your first job is to send them a confirmation SMS of their journey which includes all the details regarding the scheduling of their journey.

For example the date of the trip, departure time, arriving time, hotel details, food, sightseeing, local traveling, etc. By this, they will feel satisfied and feel excited about their journey, and this is what your ultimate goal is.

3. Alerts Related To Cancellation, Delays, and Changes

The second thing after the booking details, passenger are more curious to know if any of their flight, train or buses is delaying, cancel or change in the schedule. So, you can also make them alert about the possible delay or cancellation through the last minute SMS.

4. Notify Guests If Their Hotel Room is About To Ready

Travelers pay much attention in choosing well maintained and clean hotel rooms as they have to stay there throughout their journey. So, what you can do is send them SMS notifications about the current status of the availability of the room. You can also send them a text when the hotel room is ready to occupy.

5. Security Alerts

This has now become a crucial aspect for the people in traveling. They only enjoy the traveling if they feel secure. You can send them the notifications regarding the contact details of hospitals, police station, fire brigade, embassy, etc.

6. Special Offers Via SMS

Giving special offers, discounts and complimentary services have now become popular trends among the traveling agents, companies. You can send them alerts for offering cheaper breakfast, dinner, free sightseeing, etc. to attract the customers. Make sure that they would be the last minute SMS as this will increase the possibility of maximum conversions.


In the end, after reading this post, you have also understood that SMS marketing has all the potential to completely change the entire picture of traveling industry by increasing the ROI. What you have to do is just focus honestly on the above-mentioned points and go slowly and steady. You will automatically feel the dramatic changes in your traveling business.