Increasing in the number of mobile phones and internet users, comparatively, it becomes quite easy for the marketers to reach their target audience and the chances of getting favorable results have gone high.

It is an obvious thing that marketers need some particular platform or medium to show their presence, and mainly there are two vital platforms are in the middle to do so. One is SMS Marketing, and another is Email Marketing.

It’s been years when these two important connecting tools had first introduced by the technocrats. Both are the effective and efficient ways to give out timely information, offers, discounts, etc. to the customers related to the products and services.

But now the question that hit people’s intellectual mind is who is more reliable and better medium to reach the target audience and in long run, which will bring more desire results to you.

So, let’s make this very simple for you to understand the topic. We are providing you the advantage as well as disadvantages of both forms. Therefore, it will easy for you to know which is better than other.


Email Marketing

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is that it’s quite easy to reach your target audience. Supposedly, if a person sits in Delhi and wants to interact and reach their audience present in the USA, it is just the matter of few clicks to finish this distance.

That means, globally, marketers find that with email marketing, they can reach maximum leads in few minutes. Besides communicating, you can also letters, brochures, pamphlets and other related stuff in the forms of attachments.

Moreover, email marketing seems to be more interactive and attract more audience due to its advance multiple features. You can anytime add infographics, videos, and pictures to the people to get their interest.

With email marketing, you have this possibility to see the open rate percentages of the campaigns, and also you can compare the results of the campaigns as well to measure the success.

There are also some disadvantages of email marketing. The open rate percentage of emails is lagged between 28 to 33 % which is much lower than the expectations.

Secondly, emails often have this tendency to get into the spam box. Users receive hundreds of emails daily which they don’t even see, so spam mails are also thought to worry for the marketers.


SMS Marketing

The biggest disadvantage of email marketing is the greatest advantage of SMS marketing i.e.,.open rates density. Text messages have open rate percentage of 99% which is far better than email marketing.

People usually open an SMS within 4 minutes of its arrival. This reflects a big impact on the receivers mind towards the product or service offering by the marketers.

One more thing to look forward is that you only have 160 characters to express your texts. This is even an advantage as marketers can precisely tell their target audience about the information related to their products or services. There are more chances that you will get the prompt reply from others side.

Similar to email marketing, you can reach your target audience globally with SMS marketing too. At present, there are many SMS service providers, which offer you to reach each and every corner of the world.

The only biggest disadvantage with SMS marketing is that you find difficult in obtaining customer’s phone numbers. Without getting phone numbers, its rock climbing thing to create the consistent database of the customers and also a time-consuming process.


After elaborating about the pros and cons of both the marketing forms, we are now comparing the two by some important factors which are as follows:

1. Mobile Phones Penetration

Currently, more than 70% people across the globe own a mobile phone, and only 40% are lucky enough to access the internet. Studies show that every year, mobile phone users are increasing with around 5% from 2012 and it will get even more in the coming years.

While the rate of internet users are not increasing as compare to the mobile phones. So, it is a clear fact that an SMS campaign is much stronger and effective than email campaign to reach the maximum audience.

2. Open Rates

As we mentioned earlier, 99% of text messages have been read by the people, which is quite more than the emails (46%) response rate. You can easily understand that SMS have a better impact on people to respond than emails.

3. CTR

Click-through rate is the percentage of the people who directs to the marketer’s website via the link provided in the message. The average click-through rate of SMS marketing is around 20% while, CTR of emails is just at 4%.

The reason for this deep gap is that emails consist of a long message before giving the link, whereas, SMS messages are short and too the point. People don’t have time to read entire message and then reach out the link, so SMS marketing always has an upper hand on email marketing.

4. Quality vs. Quantity

SMS messages need to keep to their oath confine and just leave space for the vital stuff while emails have a tendency to have insignificant data which dangers exhausting the customer.

SMS crusades can hold the customer returning with around 4-6 content campaigns for each month. On account of email campaigns, there is no specific breaking point and the more messages you send, the higher plausibility of a customer understanding it.

5. The Cost of Operation

SMS campaigns may work out more costly when you take at the per message cost yet you do save money on the costs that accompany making emailers. Email campaigns require imagination and plan.

They should be made perfect crosswise over mail customers. With just 160 characters of duplicate SMS messages let you contact your gathering of people a great deal with more cost successfully.


After going through with all the possible comparing factors in depth, we have come out with the result that both E-mail Marketing and SMS Marketing have so much importance in your business. Despite, the nature of your business, you have to use either of these two modes of promotion to outreach more and more people.

Its upto you now to take your decision of picking which form of marketing according to your size and nature of the business.